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Alternative Therapies in Bristol, RI, Providing Well-Rounded Care

Restoring your health and sense of well-being becomes easier when you work with the practice of Bruce Fischer MD. At our holistic care center, we facilitate a variety of alternative therapies in Bristol, RI. By adopting a flexible and patient-centric approach to treatment, we empower you to take control over your health and live a better life. Consider your options with us today and discover your path to wellness and recovery.

Contemporary medicine has made great strides in treating illness and managing pain. Though technology is always advancing while improving the treatment of physical illness, it is also important to consider the needs of a patient’s mental health. That is where we come in. Our practice incorporates psychiatry, along with a variety of wellness services that can either substitute or supplement modern treatment options.

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Your Ally in Holistic Health Treatment

By incorporating holistic approach to health care, you will have all of the tools to overcome the challenges before you. Let us be your guide on this journey. Our office is a resource center for a variety of holistic health treatments.

You have options that go beyond potentially harmful medications or complex, cost-intensive surgeries. Holistic medicine comes in many forms. In many cases, these treatments do not require a hospital stay or prescriptions. We will show you how to incorporate a variety of alternative treatments that can manage symptoms, improve your physical and mental well-being, and improve your chances for recovery. 

Meet with our psychiatrist, and we will plan your care to meet your needs. Amongst our many health and wellness services are:

Psychiatry: The onset of disease, and the recovery from it, is dependent on the interactions made between the mind and the body. The psychiatric component of our practice provides a comprehensive perspective on your health, giving you a clearer picture of how to overcome your illness.

Health and Nutrition: The things that you eat and drink can also affect how you live. We empower you to implement dieting and lifestyle changes that complement your overall health and wellness goals. Our team will help you set reasonable goals, reach milestones, and track your progress.

Yoga and Meditation: Through the combination of physical activity and measured introspection, you have the power to find a balance between your body and mind. Our experienced team will teach you how to add yoga and meditation to your daily life, providing a powerful tool that can help manage pain and mental focus.

About Our Practice

Dr. Fischer is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who provides alternative therapies and holistic psychiatry treatment while also offering the option of guidance in integrating this with a range of integrated complementary and psychotherapies for increased overall wellness.


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